How To Shorten Beach Rollers or Add A Loop

If you have ever wondered if you could shorten Beach Rollers, you can. Read below for what glues and methods I used. Beach Rollers are great. More than once I have bought a pair. They are extremely tough, and are … Read More

Making New Portage Pram Oars Soothes The Soul

I recently purchased a Portage Pram from a friend. I had planned on building a similar pram as a shore boat for our Lavro Dory, so this saved a bunch of work, and building Portage Pram oars was a very … Read More

2022 Pocket Yacht Palooza & Cruise Report

A bunch of us small boaters got together for the annual Pocket Yacht Palooza in Port Townsend. And then about a third as many went on a short cruise together for a few days. I showed my modified CLC Skerry. … Read More

Lavro Sea Dory Rebuild Begins

A few weeks ago I finally started the work on my Lavro Dory. My plans for the boat required removing the old cabin, old motor, and pretty much everything else inside. Removing the cabin was not too hard. It was … Read More

Skerry Gear Organizing Divider Mod

I recently made yet another modification to my already heavily modified CLC Skerry. Between the forward bulkhead and the thwart boxes mid-ship, I have been using straps and some lines to organize gear bags and anchor systems in bags. Well, … Read More

Sucia By Sail And Oar

Last week (May 2022) I rowed and sailed my modified CLC Skerry across the Strait of Georgia to Sucia Island in the San Juan Islands, for three days, and two nights. It was fantastic, one of those everything adventures; moments … Read More

Small Boating Friends Gather At Rat Island

I and a few other small boater friends met up on Rat Island a few days ago. Again. If it seems like I go there a lot, it’s because the place is such a pleasure to visit. It’s also a … Read More

Two More Boats And Outboard Motor Arbitrage

A few weeks ago I wrote about wrestling my boat buying habit into submission with some buying rules. Since then I have bought two more boats. Well, my wife bought one of them, a beautiful 14′ Pygmy Ronan kayak, so … Read More

Exploring Chimacum Creek By Dinghy

Exploring Chimacum Creek by dinghy was one of a long list of adventures I wanted to accomplish in 2022. Growing up in Port Townsend I have sailed by the mouth of the creek dozens of times, and have traipsed all … Read More