Best Jigsaw Blade For Okoume Plywood?

On my current boat project, building a new cabin for my Lavro Dory, I am cutting up a bunch of marine plywood. And I started to wonder what the best jigsaw blade for Okoume plywood was? Because the standard type … Read More

Lavro Dory Gets A New V-Berth

It’s nasty work, sanding, grinding and chopping unnecessary stuff off of a 40 year old polyester resin fiberglass boat. It stinks, and it’s bad for my health, even covered head to foot in protection. I really had to up my … Read More

Best Life Jacket For Rowing?

What is the best life jacket for rowing? If you are perplexed by this problem, I am right there with you. It seems like it should be a simple choice. And it is not. At war are facts. Fact: wearing … Read More

2023 Wooden Boat Festival Video and Favorites

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed the Wooden Boat Festival in here in Port Townsend. I have attended for 30 years or so, off and on. The amount of work and effort it takes to put on this event, and how … Read More

Observations On Sail And Oar Boat Sizes

Last month I had the good fortune to join two friends on a three day cruise, circumnavigating Harstine Island, in south Puget Sound. Normally, trips like these are all about the natural experience, the beauty, the peace, the near death … Read More

Lavro Dory Stern Chine Replacement

The Lavro Dory came from the factory with some slightly odd looking chine/rail extensions in the stern. They are attached with bolts, and are made from wood. Bartender boats have something similar, but their’s are more elegant, and run from … Read More

Lavro Dory Foam Core Discovery

One of the big concerns I have had with this Lavro Dory project is that there is foam below the floor, but the hull has no drain plugs. This seemed really stupid to me, given that the manufacturer, and owners … Read More

Lavro Dory Deconstruction Continues

Well, I am back to work on my Lavro Dory project. First I moved the boat into my smaller workspace, which is heatable for winter work. I needed it off the trailer, because of work I need to do on … Read More

How To Shorten Beach Rollers or Add A Loop

If you have ever wondered if you could shorten Beach Rollers, you can. Read below for what glues and methods I used. Beach Rollers are great. More than once I have bought a pair. They are extremely tough, and are … Read More

Making New Portage Pram Oars Soothes The Soul

I recently purchased a Portage Pram from a friend. I had planned on building a similar pram as a shore boat for our Lavro Dory, so this saved a bunch of work, and building Portage Pram oars was a very … Read More