Best Jigsaw Blade For Okoume Plywood?

On my current boat project, building a new cabin for my Lavro Dory, I am cutting up a bunch of marine plywood. And I started to wonder what the best jigsaw blade for Okoume plywood was? Because the standard type … Read More

Best Life Jacket For Rowing?

What is the best life jacket for rowing? If you are perplexed by this problem, I am right there with you. It seems like it should be a simple choice. And it is not. At war are facts. Fact: wearing … Read More

Observations On Sail And Oar Boat Sizes

Last month I had the good fortune to join two friends on a three day cruise, circumnavigating Harstine Island, in south Puget Sound. Normally, trips like these are all about the natural experience, the beauty, the peace, the near death … Read More

How To Shorten Beach Rollers or Add A Loop

If you have ever wondered if you could shorten Beach Rollers, you can. Read below for what glues and methods I used. Beach Rollers are great. More than once I have bought a pair. They are extremely tough, and are … Read More

Crazy 2022 Boat Project & Adventure Goals

Happy New Year! Here’s to a better 2022, filled with fun boating adventures! Not to be forgotten, 2021 gave us a beautiful snowy Christmas day in Port Townsend, trimming our boat barn/workshop in white. Not that we could forget 2021. … Read More

Can’t Fly DJI Drones Over Port Townsend Waters?

In this article I will share the rabbit hole of research I went down when trying to buy a DJI brand drone for the purpose of taking small boat pictures and videos over the supposedly restricted waters around Port Townsend, … Read More