Rosborough 246 For The Inside Passage

After returning to the PNW, we took up the semi-bold plan of spending many enjoyable summers cruising up to Alaska and back. For that we needed a small but safe boat for cruising two people and a dog for up … Read More

Why I Bought A CLC Skerry Dinghy

I needed a good rowing and sailing dinghy as a shore boat for our 25′ Rosborough motor cruiser. I picked up this Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry used, after much consideration of different designs. The boat is 15′, with a 4’6″ … Read More

Inside Waters Under Construction

The site is still under construction, but there are a few articles posted. The about page is more or less done, and you can read a little about my boats, although the more details and adventures posts are still to … Read More