2021 Palooza Crooza – Lots Of Rowing!

The day after the Pocket Yacht Palooza boat show, I joined a small group of other boaters on the 2021 Palooza Crooza. Most of us launched at the Port Townsend Boat Haven. The first day we cruised to Mystery Bay, … Read More

Modifying A CLC Skerry For Overnight Cruising

This project was a bit of a mad whirlwind of activity, with a ridiculously short, self-imposed deadline. Only two years ago I fully refurbished my CLC Skerry, and it was my only functional boat. The plan was to use it … Read More

Rat Island Small Boat Adventure – Oh Deer!

Boating friend Kirk and I met up at the Boat Haven Marina in Port Townsend, Washington, for an adventure out to Rat Island. It was a gorgeous sunny day, late in the winter, just as the weather was hinting at … Read More

21′ Lavro Sea Dory – Future Mini Cruiser

Lavro manufactured drift boats in Monroe Washington from the 80’s until about 2010. Their river drift dories were well respected for excellent hand laid fiberglass hulls that were tough as nails, and had good performance on the water. And for … Read More

Can’t Fly DJI Drones Over Port Townsend Waters?

In this article I will share the rabbit hole of research I went down when trying to buy a DJI brand drone for the purpose of taking small boat pictures and videos over the supposedly restricted waters around Port Townsend, … Read More

Rosborough 246 For The Inside Passage

After returning to the PNW, we took up the semi-bold plan of spending many enjoyable summers cruising up to Alaska and back. For that we needed a small but safe boat for cruising two people and a dog for up … Read More

Why I Bought A CLC Skerry Dinghy

I needed a good rowing and sailing dinghy as a shore boat for our 25′ Rosborough motor cruiser. I picked up this Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry used, after much consideration of different designs. The boat is 15′, with a 4’6″ … Read More