2023 Wooden Boat Festival Video and Favorites

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed the Wooden Boat Festival in here in Port Townsend. I have attended for 30 years or so, off and on. The amount of work and effort it takes to put on this event, and how … Read More

Making New Portage Pram Oars Soothes The Soul

I recently purchased a Portage Pram from a friend. I had planned on building a similar pram as a shore boat for our Lavro Dory, so this saved a bunch of work, and building Portage Pram oars was a very … Read More

Rosborough 246 For The Inside Passage

After returning to the PNW, we took up the semi-bold plan of spending many enjoyable summers cruising up to Alaska and back. For that we needed a small but safe boat for cruising two people and a dog for up … Read More

Mobile Aspect Ratio Bug Test Page

The picture below was added as it’s original size. It holds its aspect ratio in mobile view. The image below has its size changed by clicking and dragging. In mobile view it loses its aspect ratio (it looks squished).