2023 Wooden Boat Festival Video and Favorites

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed the Wooden Boat Festival in here in Port Townsend. I have attended for 30 years or so, off and on. The amount of work and effort it takes to put on this event, and how … Read More

Making New Portage Pram Oars Soothes The Soul

I recently purchased a Portage Pram from a friend. I had planned on building a similar pram as a shore boat for our Lavro Dory, so this saved a bunch of work, and building Portage Pram oars was a very … Read More

Rosborough 246 For The Inside Passage

After returning to the PNW, we took up the semi-bold plan of spending many enjoyable summers cruising up to Alaska and back. For that we needed a small but safe boat for cruising two people and a dog for up … Read More