Skerry Gear Organizing Divider Mod

I recently made yet another modification to my already heavily modified CLC Skerry. Between the forward bulkhead and the thwart boxes mid-ship, I have been using straps and some lines to organize gear bags and anchor systems in bags. Well, … Read More

Modifying A CLC Skerry For Overnight Cruising

This project was a bit of a mad whirlwind of activity, with a ridiculously short, self-imposed deadline. Only two years ago I fully refurbished my CLC Skerry, and it was my only functional boat. The plan was to use it … Read More

Why I Bought A CLC Skerry Dinghy

I needed a good rowing and sailing dinghy as a shore boat for our 25′ Rosborough motor cruiser. I picked up this Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry used, after much consideration of different designs. The boat is 15′, with a 4’6″ … Read More